The first thing people really want to know about their Realtor is not how long he or she has been “doing this,” but if we know what we’re doing (and if we're good at it). For the record, I’ve been a full-time Realtor for more than 15 years - more than many, not nearly as long as others. What I’ve learned and improved upon, though, has won me awards, recognition, and most importantly, repeat business and happy clients. In other words, I’m good at "this."

I focus on getting the best possible pricing for my clients, and also making sure they fully understand the real estate process. This requires me to excel in several areas: educating you on the path your transaction will likely take; keeping open lines of communication with you; smoothing out inevitable speed bumps; helping you avoid that one bad decision; negotiating my tail off and keeping you on track to finally getting your dream home.

You want to work with someone who understands the complexities of the real estate landscape. This market is exciting and challenging, and, at times, quite confusing! Some companies emphasize saving your time, but at the sacrifice of your bottom line. Others play a one-note song about saving you money but at the expense of value and service that could cost you more in the long run. Then, who really benefits: the real estate client or the real estate company? I only succeed when my clients do, so my loyalties begin and end with them.

Many of my loyal clients have raved about me: you can find their words on Google and my Facebook business page (just search Karl Sells Denver). The best testimonial that I can receive, however, is a referral. Nearly all of my business comes from past clients, and I just love getting that phone call from a new client who tells me that one of my past clients talk about how great it is to work with me. That makes me about as happy as my dog gets every time I get home from work.

Speaking of Gerta, the black lab who thinks I’m way cooler than I probably am, she has a pretty good life. She gets to hike, hunt and run with me, sits on a lot of patios in the summer, and somehow always gets in the way when I’m trying to cook (which is a lot). The only times she’s not allowed to come along is: when I’m heading to the mountains to snowboard; to the golf course or to one of the dozen hidden gems in Denver’s burgeoning restaurant scene. (I run because I like to eat.)

Buying and selling real estate is more than a transaction; it’s an experience. If you’re looking for a fulfilling real estate user experience – UX, or maybe RX? – you’ll enjoy working with me.

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